My First Time at Botejyu

I left Cavite around 2017, returning a couple of years later, but I found myself changed in ways I never anticipated. Despite my efforts to slip back into the familiar rhythm of my former life, I realized I had evolved significantly during my absence. I emerged a different person, emboldened by newfound courage and a “seize the day” mindset.

In 2020, just before the lockdown took hold, I departed once again, my departure shrouded in a tale you wouldn’t believe. During the lockdown and the subsequent years, I cultivated a strong bond between Jason and my family. Though initially awkward and cringe-worthy, it was a hurdle we had to overcome together.

Fast forward to 2024, and my dad even considered Jason when purchasing a new car. Witnessing this newfound acceptance warmed my heart, signifying the healing of old wounds and the introduction of Jason to my entire family. Everything seemed to fall back into place, and I received their heartfelt blessing.

It’s become a habit now, visiting my parents regularly, often with my brother in tow, temporarily completing our family circle. These moments are treasures we cherish. On one such occasion, we gathered for lunch at Botejyu in SM Bacoor.

It had been years since my last visit to SM Bacoor, and I was pleasantly surprised by its transformation. What was once a modest branch of the SM chain had blossomed. I chuckled to myself at the sight of Banapple, a stark contrast to my previous perceptions. Yet, as I glanced inside, Banapple seemed devoid of patrons. The irony wasn’t lost on me.

Nevertheless, my parents adore dining at smb. It’s become a nightly ritual after their long commute from Manila, knowing they lack the energy to cook. they’re getting old, but i admire their dedication to work and understand the hardships in letting go of a routine.

Dinner at Botejyu

• Botejyu Special Salad

• Exquisite Chicken Oyako Egg           Teishoku

• Teppa Grilled Pork Gyoza

• Pressed Unagi Sushi

• Original Chicken Karaage


Naturally, I was the one who Pressed Unagi Sushi (Php. 995.00). I hadn’t anticipated such a generous portion, but we considered it a delightful surprise, especially given how delicious it was! The eel boasted a thin, crisply grilled skin, while the flesh was tender yet perfectly intact, offering a satisfying chew without any awkward crumbling. Moreover, the rice was also cooked to perfection, providing a delightful mouthfeel with every bite. The taste had that charred aroma, perfectly complementing the slightly sweet yet savory sauce and marinade of the unagi. I’m usually a salmon girlie, but I automatically chose the unagi because it really caught my attention. And I’m glad it did!

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